What is it for?

It serves to have a better air in closed places.

Cold plasma air purifier - Any closed place, where you live or work, usually has an air of poor quality. Viruses, bacteria, spores, fungi, molds
and unpleasant odors are present in quantity making people feel a constant low level of well-being.

In cities the problem is even more evident due to the high quantity of polluting particles present in the air coming from outside.

AirO' thanks to the innovative cold plasma technology allows you to clean, purify and make air quality breathed much better in the place where you remain for a long time.


How does it work?

AirO treats the air with a newly developed, compact, quiet, low consumption (15W) "cold plasma" generator.

Cold Plasma Air purifier: The air passes before in a pre filter just to block the dust particles, then comes in contact with the generated flow of plasma, which through a chemical-physics reaction breaks down many types of polluting molecules included different volatile organic compounds. At the outlet the air passes through a further odor filter.

The smells also very unpleasant, including some compounds like ammonia, are completely neutralized in a short time. Furthermore, when AirO' is activated, it loads the air of negative ions in large quantities, these particles are particularly beneficial for health and create a feeling of clean air full of energy.

Anyone suffering from allergies or asthma, children or the elderly but also all people who feel poorly active due to the low quality of the air they breathe, can get a great benefit from the continued use of AirO in the closed place where it is installed.

How to use it?

Turns on and let it run for all the time you want.

AirO' is a device for free installation. Resting on a table or hanging on a wall, simply attach it to the electric socket. It requires no connection of pipes or holes for the exterior.

Once switched on, the system can operate continuously imperceptibly making the breathed air gradually better.  You can treat the place even if non present, once you have obtained the desired result can deactivate it.

A perception of clean, odor-free air is felt when entering in the place where the appliance is installed. The benefit is assured and durable over time as it is not required no maintenance.


Where it can be installed?

Everywhere, inside many places

Cold Plasma Air purifier  for:

- kitchen
- bathroom, also blind - bedroom
- living room
- cellar / garage
- office
- shop
- bar / restaurant
- hotel rooms
- laboratory
- medical office
- waiting room
- classrooms
- locker room
- gym

AirO is suitable for all internal areas where the air is of poor quality. In general in poorly ventilated rooms or where air conditioning is used. Each appliance purifies the air for over 30/40 cubic meters of volume that is area up to 4x4 meters on each side.

In larger rooms, several devices can be placed at a distance of a few meters from each other.


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Breathe better and feel good


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